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Amber Hoy

Amber Hoy offers more than 16 years of experience working with fundraising clients across all nonprofit sectors. Since joining RNL in 2002, Ms. Hoy has worked with more than 400 clients in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, including organizations such as Rutgers University (NJ), The United States Naval Academy (MD), Western University (ON), The University of Auckland (NZ), Johns Hopkins Medicine (MD), and the Detroit Institute of Arts (MI).

As director, Ms. Hoy leads an award-winning creative team on practices that drive results, maintain the highest standards of quality, and produce engaging and meaningful messaging on behalf of RNL clients. Additionally, Ms. Hoy’s expertise has played a crucial role in the development of new RNL products.

Under Ms. Hoy’s leadership, the fundraising creative team has successfully implemented new processes and redefined best practices based on the unique needs of multichannel fundraising programs. Collectively, her efforts have led to increased response rates, improved return on investment, greater overall client satisfaction, as well as numerous gold-level accolades from organizations such as the Higher Education Marketing Report.

Additional Experience

Beyond her work with RNL, Ms. Hoy actively advocates and fundraises for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation—maintaining team leader status for nearly a decade. During this time, the Iowa Chapter has utilized Ms. Hoy’s experience and creative work to increase overall participation and dollars raised.


Ms. Hoy received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Public Relations, and Mass Communication from Coe College (IA).

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