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We are proud to announce that Converge is now part of RNL!


Accelerate your digital transformation for enrollment and fundraising

Converge is the digital marketing agency for higher education, serving more than 100 institutions and 300 programs. By adding their capabilities to RNL’s extensive expertise and resources, we offer more comprehensive digital solutions, insightful analytics, and data-driven strategies than any other firm in higher education.

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Complete digital engagement with students and donors—By combining the expertise and digital solutions of RNL and Converge, we will enable you to engage more students, alumni, and donors on any device, in any channel that they use, with personalized experiences that drive them to action.

adult, online, and graduate studentsAdult, online, and graduate student enrollment solutions—We are adding Converge’s extensive experience and capabilities with adult, online, and graduate enrollment to our own, amplifying your ability to recruit these increasingly important student populations.

ExpertsMore experts and expertise than anyone—RNL has 45 years of experience serving more than 3,000 institutions, with more than 100 consultants who have previously served on campuses. Converge now brings an additional 50 digital experts who have worked with colleges and universities, and who also have experience working with dozens of leading companies.

Strategic insightsStrategic insights—The experts at Converge utilize cross-channel analytics to enable campuses like yours to power successful enrollment and fundraising strategies.

Generate student interest and convert your students

RNL Digital Boost gives you the advantage you need with creative, targeted digital marketing that produces interest, engagement, and enrollment results. It provides everything that your campus needs to execute modern higher ed digital marketing campaigns.

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Put Your Institution in Control

Transform your approach to online enrollment with the RNL OPM Alternative. Find a comprehensive solution that provides more transparency, control, flexibility, and ROI than traditional online program management (OPM) providers.

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