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2024 Online Student Recruitment Report

10 Critical Questions and Answers to Build Student-Centered Online Programs


2024 Online Student Recruitment Report Cover The 2024 Online Student Recruitment Report represents RNL’s second national study of the expectations and preferences of online students, and our fourth report that focuses on the graduate or online student audiences that continue to report growth in the American higher education market.

The 52-page report is organized around 10 questions that are critical to successful online enrollment growth, and it also builds on what we uncovered in our 2022 report. You will get to know today’s online students better by learning more about:

  1. How are online students using and applying AI?
  2. What motivates and concerns online learners?
  3. How should institutions position their online programs in a crowded market?
  4. What are the hallmarks of online programs in which students will enroll?
  5. How do online students want their courses configured?
  6. How do online students search for and research programs of interest?
  7. What do online students expect during the enrollment process?
  8. What drives enrollment decisions?
  9. What prevents and slows online students from enrolling?
  10. What are the demographics of online learners today?

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