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2023 Graduate Marketing and Recruitment Practices Report

See more than 30 findings from a survey of graduate enrollment managers


2023 Graduate Marketing and Recruitment Practices Report What are the most used practices for graduate student marketing and recruitment? The most effective practices? Where are there opportunities to align those marketing and recruitment practices with the expectations of prospective graduate students?

Read this comprehensive survey of graduate enrollment leaders to discover which strategies and practices they use. The report presents 32 findings covering a wide range of recruitment activities, analysis of key metrics, organizational structure, and more. Key topics include:

  • The most frequently used marketing and recruitment strategies.
  • Amounts that graduate programs spend on marketing and which channels they use.
  • Whether graduate enrollment operations are centralized or decentralized.
  • Strategies graduate programs use to communicate with inquiries and make admissions decisions.
  • How many programs use AI in their efforts and how they incorporate it.
  • How programs evaluate performance, success, and ROI.

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