New studies on undergraduate recruitment, online students, student success, donors, parents, and more.

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As higher education looks to move forward in a “post-pandemic” world, how are students, parents, and alumni engaging with institutions now? What strategies are colleges and universities using to meet their enrollment and fundraising goals? The following reports represent the latest research from RNL to provide insights and benchmarks.

We invite you to dive into the findings in the following reports, free for you to download. You can also find insights from our experts in our higher ed blog. And if you want to discuss how you can reach your goals, reach out and we’ll set up a time to talk.

The top issues higher education fundraisers face today

2022 Advancement Leaders Speak

What are the top challenges, priorities, and goals of advancement leaders? RNL polled dozens of fundraising leaders—chief advancement officers, annual giving officers, major/planned giving officers, and others—to capture their insights and answers on donor engagement, fundraising priorities and challenges, staff productivity and retention, and more.


The experiences and preferences of prospective online students

2022 Online Student Report

Did you know that more than half of prospective online students are likely to enroll with the first institution that responds to their initial inquiry? That’s just one of more than 40 findings in this survey of 1,600 students by RNL and PLEXUSS. This comprehensive report examines program preferences, search behavior, communication channels, and many more key topics.


Engaging and enrolling college-bound undergraduate students

2022 High School Student College Search Report

What resources do high school students use to research colleges? What experiences and information do they value along their enrollment journey? And how much does it cost colleges and universities to recruit these students? That’s what the following two reports examine. The High School Student College Planning Report is a survey of more than 1,000 students, while the Cost of Recruiting Report polled college enrollment managers. Both provide valuable insights and benchmarks.

Benchmarking student persistence and completion at four-year institutions

2022 Student Success and Retention Benchmarks

What retention practices do campus officials rate as the most effective?  How do your student retention metrics compare to other four-year institutions? The 2022 Student Success and Retention Benchmarks Report provides 12 key benchmarks in three key categories—term-to-term persistence, progression, and fall-to-fall retention.


New financial aid benchmarks

2022 Discounting Report

The 2022 Discounting Report for Four-Year Institutions contains 16 sets of financial aid benchmarks on discount rate, net revenue, and more, based on data from more than 335,000 enrolled students at 260 institutions. These metrics allow you to compare your results to peer institutions and identify opportunities to optimize your financial aid awarding.


Engaging parents and guidance counselors during the college search process

2022 Prospective Family Engagement Report

Parents are the top influencers for prospective undergraduate students. High school counselors are one of the most valuable resources for prospective college students. RNL produced two reports in 2022 to help you understand how you can engage both of these audiences and turn them into allies during the student recruitment process. More than 6,400 parents and 1,200 high school counselors respectively were surveyed for the two reports.