Top recruitment and retention posts of 2015 so far

Ruffalo Noel Levitz

July 10, 2015

So far in 2015, our recruitment and retention experts at Ruffalo Noel Levitz have written on a wide variety of enrollment management and student success topics. Here are eight popular posts in case you missed them.

Four steps that can help colleges reach their enrollment goals late in the cycle
What can your campus do to engage prospective college students late in the recruitment cycle and push them toward enrollment? Here are four strategies that have been proven effective.

P+P=R is the basic formula for student retention
Consultant Dr. Tim Culver explains how progression, along with persistence, is a key metric in tracking student retention rates.

Six ways to create engaging, optimized copy for college web pages
How do campuses begin to strengthen the content of their web pages and maximize the SEO potential of those pages, while keeping them manageable? Our web strategy team offers six strategies.

Three initial considerations for planning and evaluating first-year college student retention programs
How can you be more proactive in planning for incoming students and more timely in responding to students’ needs and requests? We share three recommendations.

The strategic growth matrix for enrollment, and how one college generated a 19 percent gain in first-year students
Consultant Wes Butterfield shares how one small college experienced tremendous gains in enrollment and net revenue in just a single year.

14-point checklist for retaining diverse students at four-year and two-year institutions
College campuses are experiencing significant demographic changes. How can your institution respond and maintain effective retention programs? Start with this 14-point checklist.

Engaging students of color during the recruitment process
Dr. Raquel Bermejo uses the latest student perceptions research to discuss how campuses can better engage increasingly diverse groups of prospective students.

Firing on all cylinders for college transfer student recruitment and retention
As it gets tougher out there, institutions will need to make sure they are “firing on all cylinders” to enroll and retain transfer students. Consultant Jennifer Wick provides examples of best practices.

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