Keeping the #GivingTuesday Momentum Going

Brian Gawor

Vice President of Research

December 10, 2018

As a multichannel fundraising company, giving days are a big part of how we help organizations engage donors with excitement and urgency. #GivingTuesday is an important day for many organizations, and a big day for us. Here’s how we spent our #GivingTuesday at RNL:

RNL Crowdfunding and RNL Giving Day powered by ScaleFunder

  • Total raised on platform: $2,581,008
  • Total gifts on platform: 18,665

On-Campus and Off-Campus Phonathons

  • 5,103 pledges  (47% on credit cards!)
  • $714,296 total pledged dollars
  • 7,828 calling hours


  • 199,137 e-mails delivered

Digital Engagement

  • 1,571,722 digital ad impressions delivered

Direct Mail

  • 135,719 solicitation/stewardship pieces sent in two weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday


  • 101,500 phone numbers provided for automated voicemail stewardship messages in week prior to Giving Tuesday.

Keep the #GivingTuesday momentum going all year

Giving Tuesday is a great way to engage donors, but how can you keep donors engaged, excited, and giving all year round?

Ruffalo Noel Levitz has helped many institutions do just that. Here’s what Tori Follett, director of annual giving, had to say about University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s successful partnership with RNL:

“We weren’t sure what to expect heading into Giving Tuesday this year…For the first time, we had an interactive Giving Day page through RNL’s Giving Day platform that allowed us to coordinate matching challenges and social media outreach. We went from raising around $12,500 from 86 gifts in 2017 to $96,185 with 417 gifts in 2018…We couldn’t be happier with the platform and the service we received!”

We are happy to talk with you about connecting with your donors and amplify your results.

Now that #GivingTuesday is over, keep the momentum going—discover how RNL can help you design a multichannel engagement program to take your fundraising to the next level.

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