Quick Wins – How to Get a Boost Out of Your Digital Marketing

Imtiaz AhmedSenior Digital Media StrategistJuly 29, 2021

I recently sat down to talk with my colleague Scott Jeffe about what I call “quick wins” and how we make them happen for RNL’s digital marketing clients. Quick wins are a set of strategies that we deploy alongside our long-term strategies to give our clients a boost or a change when they need it – whether that be from the long-term strategies that may be in a temporary lull, a new market factor that is making the agreed-upon strategies suddenly not work, or the seasonality that makes strong lead gen at a certain time of year more important than at other times.

While traditional marketing campaigns of the past took months if not years to tweak, the beauty of digital marketing is that it is so responsive. Long-term strategies may take a few months to prove out and change, but the things we do to get the quick wins for our clients can see results in the first 30 days.

So what are some examples of quick wins?

  1. Change up the bidding strategy: Whether it is manual CPC or more sophisticated automated strategies, going in and tweaking current practices can have almost immediate effect. I will often go into an account and see that a bidding strategy that was working great couple of months ago, now has the highest CPL. A quick change in bidding strategy can make all the difference.
  2. Change up your ads in Google: Just by adding sitelink extensions or call-out extensions to your ads, you can see volume increases. We’ve all seen these thing when we are on Google – they are the small links under the initial ad text that provide connects to more specific content. What we’re really doing there is not only providing more specific information, but also filling up the screen so the viewer doesn’t see the next ad!
  3. Add or update negative keywords: Why would I suggest you do anything negative? Well in digital marketing this means that you add – or update and existing set of – a set of words of phrases that you do NOT want to generate a click. For example, you may want to add “football” to a school that has a big football program. This will prevent someone that is searching for “University of XYZ football scheduled” from being served your ad. Work on as many of these as you can, and you can significantly improve the quality of your leads in a very short time. But keep up with it. New terms need to be added regularly.

Watch my discussion with Scott to hear more about how to generate quick wins.

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