2023 RNL Graduate and Online Innovation Summit: Questions, Answers, Actions, and Results

Scott JeffeVice President, Research (Graduate and Online)December 16, 2022

How do you scale for growth? What do students expect? How do we assess market demand? When a group of my colleagues sat down a few weeks ago to begin planning RNL’s third Graduate and Online Innovation Summit, we began brainstorming the questions that we have all been hearing in the last several months, and these were at the top of the list. Each of these will be covered when we convene virtually on February 23.  

Dr. Susan Aldridge
Susan Aldridge

My colleagues have also been asked: What have those that have begun the process of scaling for growth learned along the way? Institutional leadership are looking for answers, they are looking for action steps that work, and they need to see results. For these reasons, the program is being built to focus on Questions, Answers, Actions, and Results.

Among our featured speakers will be:

Susan Aldridge, who led aggressive growth strategies as president of both University of Maryland Global Campus and Drexel University Online.  

Joshua Kim
Josh Kim

Josh Kim, who has led institutional efforts at Dartmouth College to develop an online education strategy, and writes regularly on all thing related to online education (and more) in his Academic Innovation blog on Inside Higher Education.

Eddie Maloney, whose pioneering research as executive director of The Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship has propelled thinking about online education at Georgetown University and beyond, and write regularly in his Academic Innovation blog on Inside Higher Education.

Eddie Maloney
Eddie Maloney

The Summit will also call upon the incredible depth of experience accumulated among RNL’s own graduate and online team. Because RNL recruits from the institutions we serve, our experts have:

  • Built online programs from scratch.
  • Advocated successfully for leadership buy-in for online and graduate expansion.
  • Worked at both for-profit and non-profit institutions
  • Conducted national research on how such students make their enrollment decisions
  • Led institutional efforts.
  • Led cutting-edge institutional marketing efforts.
  • led institutional recruitment and enrollment operations.

When registering, each participant will be asked to indicate the single most pressing question they hope to have answered. RNL will use these questions to tailor the program, but we will also close our day with a live Question and Answers session in which ALL of the day’s presenters will join in a lively discussion in which we answer as many questions as we can.

Don’t miss your chance to engage with our speakers on February 23

Register now for the virtual 2023 RNL Graduate and Online Innovation Summit. You’ll not only have access to the sessions but all the related materials as well as on-demand viewing of the sessions. And the virtual format makes it easy and affordable to bring a team to spur new ideas and momentum for strategic action.

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