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Brian GaworVice President of ResearchApril 7, 2021

At the start of this year, RNL launched our weekly LinkedIn Live broadcast. Every Tuesday at 3 p.m. we host advancement leaders from across the spectrum of donor engagement regularly, alongside topics from enrollment and student success. This has been a great way to showcase new ideas, donor engagement trends, and the success of RNL partners in an informal conversation.

Here are highlights from a few of the 21 conversations we’ve already had.

UC Davis shatters records with special athletics giving days

Michelle Poesy from UC Davis joined RNL’s Eric Billings to talk about the recent Champions Adapt 7-day giving event that raised over $500k with 1,320 donors, even during interrupted athletic seasons. Giving days can be targeted to specific areas and highly engaging to donors who want to make a difference.

Watch the LinkedIn Live with UC Davis

Discussing donor engagement during a pandemic with the CASE Advanced Annual Giving faculty

UC Berkeley’s Howard Heevner joined Maggie Utsch from the College of St. Benedict, Christina Sebastian from Columbia, and Adrienne Brown from NYU to talk about how we’re adapting in annual giving programs for 2021 and the upcoming CASE conference.

Check out our discussion on LinkedIn

Diving into the 2020 VSE Survey with Ann Kaplan

Giving was flat compared to 2019, but almost half of institutions raised more amidst the pandemic. Ann Kaplan from CASE talked with me to break down the results of the 2020 Voluntary Support of Education survey and what the data say for trends in higher education giving.

Watch my discussion with Ann on LinkedIn

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