Here Are Some of the Top Tweets from the Aligning Experts Conference

Sarah KleebergerSenior Vice President, Fundraising ConsultingJuly 29, 2014

tweet_pinOver 30 Fundraisers, enrollment managers and marketing experts attended the 2014 Aligning Experts Summit in Chicago organized by RuffaloCODY, Stamats and Scannell & Kurz. Here are some of the top tweets from the fundraisers at the conference:

A like is not a check:

Seven Foot Cowboy @sevenfootcowboy Follow Gearing up to celebrate #WrigleyField100 super pumped to finally see a game after many years of just sightseeing visits #AligningExperts

Gil Rogers @gilrogers Follow I would like I thank #AligningExperts for the incredible blueberry/coffee cake hybrid muffin. I’m now inspired. 8:33 AM – 23 Jul 2014 Chicago, IL, United States

Mike Brucek @MikeBrucek Follow “Every database has a valuable story hidden inside. It’s the Data Analyst’s job to find it” – Andrew Means @meansandrew #AligningExperts

Stacie M Byers @Stacie_Byers Follow Use data=success. Don’t use data=fall behind. @SabraFiala #AligningExperts

Vernon Johnson @Vernontheiii Follow You can’t increase what you don’t track. #AligningExperts 12:33 PM – 22 Jul 2014

Gwendolyn Doyle @GwenInCO Follow Great job to the @Wesleyanfund on their Day of Giving presentation at #AligningExperts! #aigivingday 4:06 PM – 22 Jul 2014

Graham Carlson @teleGraham09 Follow It’s crazy to see how many colleges are running automated phonathons. So many more call attempts that way! #AligningExperts 5:21 PM – 20 Jul 2014

Aligning Experts @AligningExperts Follow Thanks to all of our guests at the #AligningExperts Summit. Best wishes as you travel home to make a difference where you work.

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