Giving Day Results: February Update

Brian GaworVice President of ResearchMarch 15, 2018

Since the start of the year, we’ve been watching the great giving day results of our campus partners using RNL Giving Day. As we shared last year in our report examining more than $35M in giving day results, these one-day events involve a lot of planning and great technology. They’re also true multichannel engagement efforts.

Giving days vary quite a bit with some institutions including significant leadership and major giving components. Here are four recent examples of successful giving days from RNL partners where they exceeded their goals and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Stockton University—First giving day exceeds donor goal by 28%

Click for the Stockton University giving day page – The university’s first giving day had a goal of 500 donors and had secured more than $55,000 in match and challenge gifts prior to the day.

  • Total Dollars: $101,949.00
  • Total Gifts: 643 (143 more than their goal)
  • Online Dollars: $42,350.55
  • Online Gifts: 564

“You and your team were a huge part of our success and played a vital role in providing us confidence, research and the necessary resources to launch our inaugural day of giving.” – Kelly Brennan, Assistant Director of Annual Giving, Stockton University

The University of Kansas—More than $730k and 1,900 donors

Click for the KU giving day page – KU also launched their first giving day ever, but also dealt with inclement weather that closed four of their five campuses. Despite that obstacle, their 65 matches, challenges, and leaderboards helped saved the day and produced a giving day in the high six figures:

  • Total Dollars: $734,621.00
  • Total Gifts: 1,898
  • Online Dollars: $245,584.16
  • Online Gifts: 1,522
Giving day results: University of Kansas raised more than $734,000.
The KU Giving Day raised over $734k in gifts

DePaul University—Beating a goal of 1,000 donors

Click for DePaul’s giving day page – DePaul’s fifth giving day surpassed their goal of 1,000 donors with an hour to spare.

  • Total Dollars: $70,506.16 ($120,506 with their challenge included)
  • Total Gifts: 1,034
  • Online Dollars: $46,745.88
  • Online Gifts: 723

Cleveland State University—Biggest giving day reaches $270k

Click for Cleveland State University’s giving day page – Also hosting their fifth giving day, Cleveland State engaged more donors and raised more money than ever.

  • Total Dollars: $269,332
  • Total Gifts: 2,541
  • Online Dollars: $201,806.32
  • Online Gifts: 2,356

The Cleveland State call center also exceeded their goal for the day by over $2,000. This was truly a multichannel event.

Learn strategies that lead to great giving day results

You can read more giving day statistics and find out about best practices for these record-breaking events in the RNL Giving Day Index and by listening to our webinar, Top Takeaways From $37M in Giving.

RNL Giving Day and RNL Crowdfunding offer your institution the tools to get excite your donors, engage volunteers, and harness a multichannel effort for success. Our expert team can help you take your giving day and online giving to the next level. Talk with our strategists about how you can tap into the power of online giving and write your own success story.

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