$420 Million in Crowdfunding and Giving Day Benchmarks Are Now Live in the RNL Digital Giving Index

Eric BillingsAssociate Vice President, Digital Product ManagementApril 8, 2021

Crowdfunding and Giving Days have taken higher education donor engagement by storm, with over three-quarters of institutions doing some type of time-sensitive, peer amplified online campaign. We know that digital giving and these exciting campaigns are on your mind as you decide what to do next in your program. So, we’re embracing radical transparency once again at RNL to provide you with the key statistics on crowdfunding and giving days with the RNL Digital Giving Index.

The Index includes over $420M in campaigns across RNL’s crowdfunding and giving day platforms from the past four years.

Why are we letting you see under the hood?

We’ve always been a little surprised that more platform companies don’t let everyone see the results of campaigns. After all, we’re rarely in competition with each other for donors, so why not take a look at what peers are doing to craft your strategy? We also get questions all the time about what the average for specific campaigns or giving days have been, and we know your leadership appreciates some benchmarks when you ask for resources.

So we hope this is a tool for you to advance the conversation and strategy at your institution. This year, we moved to an interactive, live online dashboard as an enhancement to our annual indexes we’ve published, so you can drill down to specific types of institutions and types of campaigns. Click to start exploring results from the Digital Giving Index.

Watch this video explaining how you can use the Index

RNL’s Eric Billings explains what’s in the Index and how you can use it to craft strategy in your program.

What are your best strategies for crowdfunding and giving days?

We’ll be updating the Digital Giving Index regularly, and publishing reports on special topics, like the rise of multiple day giving days, crowdfunding and giving day ambassadors, and the use of optimized technology like digital wallets that include Paypal, Apple Pay, and Venmo. Stay tuned for those reports in the coming months here on the RNL blog.

We hope you take a look at the Digital Giving Index and find the data illuminating. If you see something that sparks a question or want real examples of how to maximize your crowdfunding and giving day programs, contact us today. Our team of experienced, digital-forward consultants are ready to help.

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