60 Seconds to Success: Making Your Fundraising Life Easier

Shad HanselmanAssociate Vice President, Annual GivingAugust 6, 2021

It’s a challenging time for donor engagement, and technology is part of the solution. In this roundup of our weekly60 Seconds to Successvideos, we share how you can use new tools to make your jobeasier, andprovidea betterdonor experience. Plus – a great idea from our partners at Oakland University, hot off the presses.

Easy Events with RNLQuadWrangle

Is your team looking for a betterway to manageall ofyour in-person and virtual events? RNL A.I.-Engagement expert, Solomon Grey, shares the many ways RNLQuadWranglemakes planning, advertising, and hosting events simple.

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PrepopulateScaleFunderGiving Day Pages

Do you want tolower the barrierstoonlinegiving? RNL Digital Giving expert, Eric Billings explains how you can use one of the latest features inScaleFunderto prepopulate a giving page with a link from RNL Engage. 

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Smarter Outreach with RNL Engage

Calling continues to be an important part of any engagement center but the threat of overcalling can be daunting. This week, RNL expert SeanShaikunshares a new way to leverage RNL Engage to spread out calling attempts,open upchannels, and improve the prospect experience.

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Oakland’s Great Idea

Looking for a great way to further engage donors and increase job satisfaction for your student engagement ambassadors? In this week’s episode,here’sa simple but highly effective strategy pioneered at Oakland University.

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