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Shad HanselmanAssociate Vice President, Annual GivingAugust 5, 2020

Last week, RNL launched our newest video series, 60 Seconds to Success.

We will regularly send out new one-minute videos focusing on topics important to maximizing donor engagement. These will include:

  • the latest industry trends
  • how to get the most out of your program
  • tips and tactics to increase engagement
  • highlights from fundraising trendsetters

Our goal is to provide you and your colleagues with information and ideas you can immediately incorporate into your program.

Subscribe to 60 Seconds to Success today so you don’t miss an episode. Here are the first three.

Making shifts in channel strategy for new donor acquisition

In this first episode, I review how to consider shifts to new channels when your non-donor outreach is facing diminishing results

How to pick the right remote student engagement ambassadors

RNL’s Brian Cass talks about what to consider when choosing student ambassadors for your remote engagement team (that thing we used to call phonathon).

Using advanced analytics to target the right audience

RNL’s Renée Vaillancourt talks about ways you can use predictive analytics to target the best people to contact now and maximize your ROI.

Find more fundraising insights in just 1 minute

Subscribe to RNL’s 60 Seconds to Success today to hear insights and innovations from RNL’s fundraising leaders. Stay tuned for new episodes!

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