RNL Boosts Results by Nearly 5 Percent With Visual Caller ID

Scott JeffeVice President, Research (Graduate and Online)August 30, 2023


RNL Visual Caller ID
An example of VCID

After a successful pilot earlier this summer, RNL has added Visual Caller ID (VCID) as part of RNL’s full-service speed to lead and coaching services for partner lead generation campaigns. The latest generation of VCID both identifies the caller (with an institutional logo icon) and the reason for the call “Responding to your request for information.” The intent of adding the VCID logo and message is to drive increases in both the contact rate and the hot transfer rate.

Driving additional high quality leads

In July 2023, RNL’s deployment of VCID resulted in an average lift of 3.7 percentage points in the transfer rate (the rate at which we transfer qualified leads to a partner’s enrollment coach) when compared with an average of results over the previous three months. In real terms, this means clients were furnished with dozens if not hundreds of additional highly qualified leads for cultivation.

Driving more high-quality conversations

In July 2023, clients using VCID saw lift of 4.7 percentage points on average in the contact rate (the percent of those high-quality transferred leads with which someone at the institution successfully makes contact and begins a relationship). Again, in real terms this means that RNL partners were able to have dozens if not hundreds more relationship-building conversations with highly qualified prospective students.

RNL’s innovation lab is hard at work with and for our partners. Stay tuned for additional success stories this fall. Or reach out to talk with our enrollment experts for a complimentary consultation.

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