White Paper: Time to Throw Away Your College Communication Plan

Read how you can transform your college communication plan through student-driven engagement

Download Why It's Time to Throw Away Your Communication Plan

College Communicaton Plan White Paper The traditional college communication plan has become obsolete. It pushes information out on a schedule to students, a schedule that the institution dictates.

That's not how today's students want to explore their college options. They want a personalized experience that focuses on their individual needs. They want to pull the information they need, when they need it, in any sequence they want. 

This requires a new paradigm for enrollment marketing, one that replaces the traditional college communication plan with a student-directed enrollment journey.

Download this paper and read how you can take a trailblazing approach to student recruitment that aligns with how students explore college now. You'll read about:

  • Why the paradigm for college communication has changed
  • How changes in communication, marketing, and personalization have transformed the way students research colleges
  • What a modern, student-directed enrollment experience looks like

Download Why It's Time to Throw Away Your College Communication Plan


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