2013 Freshman Attitudes Report for Two-Year Colleges

An exploration of college readiness

Report cover for 2013 Freshman Attitudes for Two-Year CollegesDownload this special 2013 report (below) to examine the attitudes, motivations, and college readiness of entering freshmen at two-year colleges in 2012. Included are breakdowns for adult vs. traditional freshmen, male vs. female freshmen, and first-generation vs. non-first-generation freshmen. The report provides supplementary findings to those reported in Noel-Levitz’s 2013 National Freshman Attitudes Report

Explore findings such as:

  • Only 58 percent of incoming, traditional-age freshman respondents indicated they “study very hard for all my courses, even those I don’t like” vs. 79 percent of  freshmen respondents age 25 and older;
  • Just over half (53) percent of traditional-age freshman respondents agreed with the statement, “Math has always been a challenge for me” vs. 60 percent of freshmen respondents age 25 and older; and
  • Nearly one-third (32 percent) of traditional-age freshman respondents planned to transfer to another institution before completing a degree at their college vs. just 13 percent of freshman respondents age 25 and older.

The report is based on 29,801 student survey responses to the College Student Inventory, Form B, an early-alert, motivational assessment that is part of Noel-Levitz’s Retention Management System Plus™.

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