2013 Cost of Recruiting an Undergraduate Student Report

Benchmarks to compare recruiting budgets and staff sizes for four-year and two-year institutions

2013 Cost of Recruiting an Undergraduate Student ReportDownload this report (below) from Noel-Levitz for cost-of-recruiting benchmarks based on a national electronic poll of enrollment and admissions officers in the fall of 2013.

Benchmark ratios in the report allow you to compare your institution’s 2012-13 expenses and staffing to the number of new undergraduate enrollees in 2013. Also included are the proportions of campuses that substantially increased, substantially decreased, or kept their recruiting budgets the same in 2013-14 vs. 2012-13, and in 2012-13 vs. 2011-12.

Among the highlights:

  • Private colleges spent the most to bring in new undergraduates in 2012-2013, spending $2,433 per new student at the median vs. $457 per new student and $123 per new student at the median, respectively, at four-year public institutions and two-year public institutions.
  • Private colleges staffed their admissions and recruitment offices at the highest levels. For example, at four-year public institutions, the median ratio of new student enrollees to full-time-equivalent (FTE) staff was 111:1, but at private institutions, the ratio was 31:1.
  • Only 30 percent of four-year private institutions and 21 percent of four-year public institutions reported substantially increasing their total recruiting budgets in 2013-14—proportions that were down from the year before.

This report is part of the Higher Education Benchmarks report series.

Two-year public institutions, please note: The findings in this report for two-year public institutions are based on a limited two-year institution sample—see page 3 of the report.

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