2011 E-Expectations Report

The online expectations of prospective college students and their parents

The 2011 E-Expectations Report examines the online behavior and expectations of prospective college students and their parentsThe 2011 E-Expectations Report examines responses from a national survey of college-bound high school students and their parents. The report looks at their behavior and expectations regarding college Web sites, social media, and other key topics in e-recruitment.

Among the findings:

  • The majority of respondents said the college search and enrollment decision process is a collaborative effort between students and parents.
  • One in five students said they removed a school from consideration because of a bad experience on an institution's Web site.
  • When first coming to a school's Web site, more students and parents tend to click on links related to academics and programs of study.
  • Among students who had Facebook accounts, 27 percent said that they had visited a college's Facebook page, compared to just 12 percent of parents with Facebook accounts.
  • Only 9 percent of students and 5 percent of parents said they had Twitter accounts.
  • More than 75 percent of both parents and students said they never or only rarely read blogs on college sites. 

The report is part of the E-Expectations research report series.

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