2010 E-Expectations Report

Focusing your e-recruitment efforts to meet the expectations of college-bound students

The 2010 E-Expectations Report examines the online expectations of prospective college students regarding college Web sites and social media.Early in 2010, the E-Expectations research group surveyed more than 1,000 college-bound high school students, polling them on their online behaviors and expectations, as well as other key enrollment-related topics.

Highlights of the study include:

  • 1 in 4 students reported removing a school from their prospective list because of a bad experience on that school's Web site.
  • 92 percent said that they would be disappointed with a school or remove it entirely from their lists if they didn't find the information they needed on the school's Web site.
  • 76 percent of students said they use Facebook, while 33 percent reported using MySpace.
  • 76 percent of students supported schools creating their own private social networks for prospective students.
  • 52 percent of students said they have viewed videos about colleges, while only 10 percent reported watching them on YouTube.
  • 46 percent claimed that the current economic crisis had caused them to reconsider the schools they would apply to or attend—an increase from 34 percent just last year.
  • 23 percent of respondents reported searching college sites from their smart phones. 

This report is part of the E-Expectations series on the online expectations and enrollment behavior of students.


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