Cabinet-Level Strategic Enrollment Planning

Six essentials and six common mistakes that campuses make

Six Essentials and Six Common Mistakes in Cabinet-Level Strategic Enrollment Planning describes how campus presidents, chancellors, and executives can strengthen their enrollment planning.Higher education is going through a period of unprecedented pressures for efficiency and effectiveness, including demands for tuition control, greater student success, increased accountability, and in many states, rapidly changing demographics and increased competition.

In response to these current pressures, relatively few campuses appear to be devoting time to updating or creating a multi-year, strategic enrollment plan—a cabinet-level activity that, ironically, may be the most effective of all in combating these pressures and in ensuring long-term enrollment and fiscal health. Perhaps this is because strategic planning in general is widely viewed as a periodic, once-every-five-years-or-so planning "event." In truth, however, effective multi-year, strategic enrollment planning continuously re-aligns the institution with its current and future environment and provides ongoing, essential guidance for an institution's fiscal health, enrollment, academic programs, and more. 

This paper discusses six essential strategies and six common mistakes that campuses make with their strategic enrollment planning.

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