Providing segmentation, relevant messaging, and quick turnaround to deliver highly successful appeals and campaigns

Pledgemine® uses marketing technology to drive donor engagement through unique digital printing, automation, and personalization.  The Pledgemine Solution Library is a free resource of ideas for appeals, stewardship, donor relations, and more. It is designed to help plan and jump start any campaign.

Client results

Hope College increased donor retention by starting a monthly anniversary card using Pledgemine’s unique application. This successful campaign has reported a whopping $100 income for every $1 spent.

MIT uses Pledgemine’s extensive segmentation capabilities to deliver unique messages to 22 different academic departments. This annual campaign has reported an average gift of $410.


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Ashland University

“With Pledgemine, our fulfillment campaign was a massive success. Our fulfillment rate increased from 68% in the previous year to 87% this year.”

Kyle Vaughn, Associate Director of Athletics Development, Ashland University
University of North Carolina School of the Arts

“[The Pledgemine self-mailer] almost doubled the number of gifts, more than doubled the amount raised, and had a higher average gift of more than 39%”