The GREEN solution to the inquiry card

MyFutureMascot offers the best way to collect student information in real-time at college fairs, high school visits and other events—without inquiry cards or scanning devices. Student information is captured from their smartphones and is available to college representatives immediately. Students text the SAT code or acronym to 75644. If you know your college SAT code, go ahead and try it now to see how easy it is.

Colleges log into the MyFutureMascot website to view or download their prospective students’ data (via CSV file) anytime. IT IS THAT EASY! Data is securely stored, and each school can only access their prospects’ information.

Founded in 2018, MyFutureMascot was created by a college admission executive with over 20 years of industry experience. Powered by InstantInfo LLC, every college and university is connected to MyFutureMascot by their individual SAT code. Students complete their profile via text once and can send their profiles to multiple schools instantly.

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Send your college SAT code to 75644.
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Contact RNL and InstantInfo to learn how MyFutureMascot can help you communicate with prospective students.

Why choose MyFutureMascot by InstantInfo?

Available 24/7

Sends reminders, tags events and counselors.

Supplies colleges

with students’ verified cell numbers.

Allows students to opt in

and start receiving texts instantly.


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“Since partnering with MyFutureMascot, we have found a more clean and accurate way to collect student inquiries during our travel seasons! This has helped us to communicate with the students faster than ever before.”