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Helping schools find hidden insights in their data to increase student success

A joint venture between the University of Notre Dame and SynGlyphX, GlyphEd is transforming the way colleges and universities interact with data to discover insights and make informed decisions. GlyphEd’s innovative approach to data visualization is being applied to Enrollment Management; Retention & Student Success; Academic Research; and Data Science Curriculum.

GlyphEd software is in use by faculty, students, researchers and administrators—and is credited with attracting non-traditional students, optimizing recruiting travel spend, improving retention; discovering a lifesaving insight in a patient medical study; and improving a student’s performance in the video game Counter Strike. GlyphEd sits on top of existing IT investments in CRM and other systems and data – allowing colleges and universities to get a greater return on IT investments.

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Gannon University

“With GlyphEd, in less than one year, we were able to Increase student retention by 8%, which translates to $2 million in revenue for the school this year and lifelong success for that group of students.”

Steven Mauro, PhD, Vice President for Academic Administration, Gannon University - Learn More
The University of Notre Dame

“This can only help improve our productivity and quality of decision making.”