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Consistent omnichannel online engagement for student recruitment

The way students and schools connect and engage continues to evolve. Leading institutions understand this and partner with RNL to develop continuous and consistent omnichannel engagement plans that now include additional channels like social media streaming via YouTube and Facebook, webcasting, live chat, email and global SMS to enhance and compliment legacy communication strategies like phone and print.

Conduit’s combination of software and strategic execution support, powered by PlatformQ Education, is integrated with RNL’s marketing, demand generation, application cultivation, and yield programs supporting higher conversion at each phase of the process.


Discover how you can drive online engagement with RNL and Conduit.

Results from RNL clients that also use Conduit


inquiry to applicant conversion


in applicant completion

10% LIFT

inquiry through deposit yield

University of Missouri-Kansas City

“We were ready to engage students as quickly as possible, but the level of engagement we have since our first chat experience through our website was unexpected. We aren’t just communicating with students through webcasting and chat … We are building relationships with them.”