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Create a flawless giving day with the only solution that packs everything you need into one platform
Giving day module for college and university fundraising


How would you like to acquire new donors, retain your base, engage alumni, and empower your ambassadors...all in just 24 hours?

That's what a successful giving day can do. Giving days have taken fundraising by storm. Last December, Giving Tuesday generated $116 million last December—up from $46 million the year before. Colleges and universities are now holding their own giving days with great success.

Now you can be a giving day champion for your institution, with one platform that includes everything you need to create, brand, conduct, and track your giving day: The Giving Day Module With ScaleFunder.

The Giving Day Module is the only platform that combines dynamic storytelling and volunteer management into one easy-to-use tool. Plus it combines strategic planning services to ensure your institution’s giving day is among the industry’s best.

Six ways you can have a great giving day with the
Giving Day Module

1. Set up your giving day page quickly and easily using a dynamic tool with flexibility and real-time updates, not a static web page.
2. Activate, empower, and track ambassadors. See their ROI in real time to encourage and incentivize your ambassador base.
3. Create challenges, track matches, push social media posts, and email donors all through one easy-to-use platform.
4. Customize and optimize your brand from inception to stewardship.
5. Integrate with your existing payment processor to create an optimized checkout process with donations that come straight to you.
6. Integrate with the ScaleFunder Crowdfunding Module so your digital presence is not just 24 hours but a year-long conversation and relationship builder.

Contact us about fundraising management strategiesQuestions about what works best?
Ask our fundraising strategists.

A great giving day can help you engage and excite your donors, but how do you create strong, ongoing engagements that build a pipeline of lifelong donors?

Ask to speak with a fundraising strategist about how you create a multichannel plan that pulls in new donors and invigorates your current ones.

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