Crowdfunding With ScaleFunder

Transform your fundraising with customized crowdfunding for higher education and nonprofit organizations

ScaleFunder is a subscription-based digital fundraising platform that gives your university or college the power to harness transformational giving through crowdfunding. By showcasing the unique fundraising opportunities through your institution’s custom-branded crowdfunding website, ScaleFunder allows your constituents to follow, share, and donate to the projects that resonate with them.

With ScaleFunder, your campus community is able to gain financial support through institutional channels while your alumni, parents, friends, fans, and even students can see the impact of their gifts and connect with your institution on a personal level.

Six ways ScaleFunder supercharges your crowdfunding

ScaleFunder provides higher education and nonprofit organizations with reliable, customized crowdfunding.

1. Blend your crowdfunding seamlessly with your online presence

ScaleFunder is a custom branded platform that can match your institution’s online look and feel with multiple points of white label customization to provide a unified brand to your prospective donors.

2. Show the impact of gifts in real time

Donors can follow project updates and directly see the impact of their gifts, increasing both the transparency and influence of your crowdfunding efforts.

3. Make fundraising more personal

Displaying the project owners puts a human face on your philanthropic endeavors, dynamically spotlighting the individuals who will be impacted by each donor’s gift.

4. Harness the power of social media for fundraising

Donors are encouraged and able to share projects through Facebook, Twitter, and Email, increasing the impact of each campaign.

5. Integrate transactions with your payment systems

Unlike other third party services, ScaleFunder integrates with your payment processing system to deliver funds in a safe and seamless manner.

6. Set tiered impact giving levels and incentivize donations through perks

ScaleFunder shows donors how each gift level impacts the projects. Plus, you can can set perks to increase your donation appeals.

See a free demo or ask us about crowdfunding strategies

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Or email us to set up a time to speak with a fundraising strategist. We can discuss how you can develop more effective ways to engage your donors and optimize your fundraising results, through crowdfunding or other channels such as email, social media, phonathon, and direct mail.

Case studies on crowdfunding

University of Texas at Austin
Read how students raised $20,000 online as part of their participation in the national Solar Decathlon.


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