Digital Giving

Engage your donors where they already are—online

Today's donors live in front of their screens. They are on their computers, smartphones, and tablets. To reach them, you have to get your message in front of them digitally.

RNL's solutions for digital giving connect you with your donors wherever they are online, so that your message can reach and inspire them. Our solutions deliver:

  • Compelling digital communications while your donors are on social media or browsing the websites they use every day.
  • Strategic crowdfunding that harness the power of online ambassadors and social media for your organization.
  • Giving days that energize donors and produce tremendous bursts of philanthropy for your institution.

RNL Digital Dialogue

Boost donor engagement by delivering relevant messages to donors through targeted advertising, digital retargeting, and mobile geo-location.

RNL Crowdfunding With ScaleFunder

Rally your community of donors and engage new donors with the most advanced crowdfunding platform for higher education and nonprofit organizations.

RNL Giving Day With ScaleFunder

Create a great giving day that excites your existing donor base and creates compelling connections with first-time donors as well.

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Digital giving white paper: Amplify Your FundraisingAmplify Your Fundraising:
How Modern Digital Tactics Can Boost Campaign Results

Learn how fundraisers are using the latest advances in digital fundraising to connect with donors, including:

• Retargeting
• Targeted online advertising
• Mobile geo-location

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Case studies on Digital Giving

University of Northern Iowa digital giving case study
Digital fundraising case study: University of California Santa BarbaraUniversity of Northern Iowa digital giving case study
Digital giving case study: North Dakota State University


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