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Boost your annual giving performance through advanced data enrichment, donor engagement, fulfillment, and stewardship

RNL Accelerator is a breakthrough combination of data, analytics, and donor engagement solutions. By adding it to your existing phonathon, you can improve contact, pledge, and fulfillment results for your annual giving program.

5 ways you will accelerate your fundraising results

RNL Accelerator annual giving for fundraising phonathon


Ask for a fundraising phonathon scorecardEvaluate your phonathon with our free scorecard

Take our short survey and receive a phonathon scorecard comparing your results to other phonathon programs—based on our database of $1billion in successful solicitations. Click to start.


4 steps to better data management, donor cultivation, fulfillment, and stewardship

RNL Accelerator uses four key steps to provide accurate contact information, engage donors both pre- and post-call, and increase their loyalty after they give.

Four ways RNL Accelerator increases your fundraising phonathon results

Works with your existing phonathon

You manage your phonathon, RNL accelerates your results.


Contact us about fundraising management strategiesLearn how you can accelerate your annual giving

Email our fundraising team or call 800.876.1117. We set up a time to discuss your fundraising opportunties and which strategies can best meet your goals.


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The High Stakes Development Dilemma in Higher Education

The High Stakes Development Dilemma in Higher Education

What trends are impacting higher education fundraising? And what are institutions doing to respond? Read this white paper to learn:

• 5 critical trends altering fundraising management and donor engagement.

• 6 strategies institutions are already using to adapt and achieve success in a changing environment.

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