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Ruffalo Noel Levitz services can aid institutions of all types fulfill their mission by meeting enrollment goals and campus planning initiatives.

Find experienced consulting and advanced services for marketing, recruitment, and financial aid

College student recruitment and campus marketing in today’s environment is increasingly complex, with multiple goals for the entering class profile, the pressures of changing demographics, rising costs, and a more competitive higher education marketplace.

To help you navigate the challenges, our custom services provide support in every area of recruitment, marketing, and enrollment management.

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Build a stronger recruitment and marketing plan

What are the ideal strategies for reaching your enrollment goals? Find out with the guidance of a Ruffalo Noel Levitz enrollment management consultant. We can help you create more effective approaches to enrollment that not only achieve the enrollment results you want, but do it more efficiently. See what our enrollment consultants can do for you.

Meet student need while increasing net revenue

With advanced enrollment and revenue management, you can award align your aid packages with your enrollment goals, helping both you and your students gain the revenue you need. You can also help students understand their precise cost to attend with a fully customized net price calculator.

Create student search campaigns that produce your desired enrollment results

How do you precisely target the students you want, engage them, and move them toward enrolling at your institution?

Enrollment marketing services gives you the most comprehensive and creative way to target the students you want, engage  them, and move them toward enrolling at your institution. Learn more about the advantage of advanced, continuous search for your campus.

Engage more students through your website and digital marketing

Our services for web and online strategy give you a powerful suite of consulting and technology services to position your campus more competitively online and convince students to continue the conversation with your campus. See how you can elevate the appeal of your website, social media, and digital marketing to prospective students

Increase student retention and college completion

Student success is a critical component of enrollment management, and we offer consulting and assessments to help you retain more students year to year until they complete their educational goals. Find out how we can help you retain more students.

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