Enrollment & Revenue Management System™

Increase net revenue and yield rates while reducing discounting

The Enrollment & Revenue Management System (ERMS) is a financial leveraging system that maximizes the impact of your financial aid awards on enrollment. With this system, you can make sure students receive the aid packages they need and expect.

Make more strategic fiscal decisions

ERMS uses your historical enrollment, tuition, and award data to pinpoint factors that influence student enrollment, helping you:

  • Control enrollment yields, discounting, and net revenue;
  • Predict the impact of tuition and aid changes on enrollment behavior through econometric modeling;
  • Determine if you are overawarding/underawarding;
  • Award the right amounts needed to recruit and retain the students you want;
  • Track progress toward your goals and project effects of changes for up to four years.

The Enrollment & Revenue Management System is a complete planning and analysis tool. Using your institution’s own data, the system shows how tuition pricing and financial aid awarding influence enrollment. See how the system works, step by step.

Track progress and predict results

See the impact of tuition changes and aid changes on enrollment and net revenue: ERMS uses econometric modeling to assess how changes in aid policy and tuition levels affect net revenue and enrollment behavior. You can model changes on the fly and see how those changes will impact enrollment instantly. No other strategic financial aid management system has this feature.

Chart historical patterns of financial aid and enrollment: An Analysis of Historical Data illustrates how past financial aid awards have affected your enrollment. This shows student price sensitivity and identifies areas of opportunity.

Analyze student retention on your campus: What factors are really affecting student persistence at your campus? This analysis uses a subset of your historical data to uncover which factors may be triggering student attrition, including financial aid.

Guide annual planning with solid data: The historical and retention analyses can help you develop alternative awarding and packaging strategies that match your desired enrollment goals.

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