Enrollment Marketing Services to Target and Recruit Students

Create college search campaigns that help you enroll the college students you want

Build a college student search campaign that produces the class you want

In an era of increased competition for college students, an effective search campaign is more important than ever. But it's also harder to engage prospective college students and build the relationship that leads to enrollment.

With our Enrollment Marketing Services, you have one of the most powerful means for connecting with and engaging the students you want to enroll. Everything from list management to creative design to inquiry and application management gives you complete control in targeting your prospective students and shaping your incoming class.

Is your campus reaching its enrollment potential? Are you using your recruitment and financial aid resources as efficiently as possible? Are you enrolling the classes you really want?

Ruffalo Noel Levitz has helped campuses of every size, type, and mission reach their enrollment goals and award financial aid more strategically. Our recruitment and financial aid consultants can help you:

  • Increase enrollment;
  • Shape classes by desired student characteristics;
  • Increase revenue and control your discount rate;
  • Expand your enrollment reach in current and new markets;
  • Develop marketing and communications strategies that produce enrollment results.

Ask us how you can build a better college student searchHow can you get better enrollment results from your search? Talk with us.

Ask to speak with one of our college search specialists. We can discuss your enrollment goals, current search strategies, and opportunities to align your search efforts more strategically with your enrollment goals. Send us an email or call 800.876.1117.


Enhanced search services for college student search
Supercharge your recruitment with creative, continuous search campaigns that connect with today's prospective students.

Predictive modeling and list management
Qualify students in your pool by their likelihood to enroll, or make that qualification before you buy a single student name.

Comprehensive inquiry management
Prioritize your inquiries with a powerful combination of predictive modeling and strategic inquiry analysis.

Application cultivation
Go beyond application inflation to gain more applications from the students who meet your enrollment goals.

Admitted student qualification
Identify which of your admitted students you should prioritize so you can boost your enrollment yields.

Total telecounseling
Tap into the enduring power of telecounseling and make the kind of unique connection you can only have through a phone call.

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