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Engaging students with engaged employees

Jo Hillman

October 26, 2010

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As the school year kicks off, efforts to quickly engage with students take precedence. It’s easy to embrace this imperative to nurture the path to student success. But there is another imperative high on the priority list. That is, to engage employees who are new to your campus in providing a campus atmosphere that students want to be part of.

Toward this important end, a reasonable question is this: Is a traditional employee orientation program enough to ensure that new hires will perform at optimal levels?

With the cost involved in recruiting and hiring quality employees–and the potential cost in replacing them should they decide to leave–many campuses are ratcheting up orientation for their new hires. The term onboarding describes a special, conscious effort to make a new employee quickly become a productive member of the organization.

Planning for Employee Onboarding takes a look at why strategic efforts are needed and elements necessary to the process.

Whether it’s choreographing a scavenger hunt to deliberately get employees familiar with campus logistics and services or a probing discussion around a campfire to bring the campus mission and vision to life, efforts to quickly engage new employees pay long-term dividends.

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What are the elements of your campus orientation program? Are current activities enough to lay the kind of solid foundation necessary to cement a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship?

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