Find consultants who will act as a partner and advocate for change

Our consultants have served as campus professionals like you. They know the challenges you face and have the commitment to serve your campus as well as your students. Collectively, they offer you a vast well of expertise, and they will work with you to develop strategies and approaches that will help your campus connect with the students you want to enroll, guide more of them to completing their educational goals, and engage your alumni for life.

Full-Time Consultants
Todd Abbott
Jim Abbuhl
Cutler Andrews
Pegi Anton
Robert L. Baird
Andy Baker
Bill Berg
Raquel Bermejo, EdD
Frank Bevec
Chris Bingley
Scott E. Bodfish
Colleen Brade, CFRE
Cynthia Brown
Lisa M. Browning
Julie L. Bryant
Peter S. Bryant
April Bush
Wes Butterfield
Dayna L. Carpenter, CFRE
Brian Cass
Jared Christensen
Sarah Coen
Elizabeth Conder
Shannon Cook
Katherine Cooper
Kevin W. Crockett
Leslie Crosley
Timothy Culver, PhD
Brian Davidson
Kristin J. Davis
Christy Deardorff
Richard DiFeliciantonio
Jeff Easterling
Dan Edstrom
Craig A. Engel
Sherri Erkel
Stephanie Euting
Sylvia Ewell
Derek Flynn
Nancy Fox-Sass
Gary L. Fretwell
Chad Friedlein
Clark Gafke
Brian Gawor, CFRE
Stephanie Geyer
Andrea S. Gilbert
Betsy G. Gingerich
Brad Goan
Galen Graber
Courtney Greene
Eric Groves, PhD
Scott Gustin
Katie Haystead
Robert Heil
Matt Herzberger
Sarah Kathryn Hickman
Dawn Hiles
Jennifer Hladik
Autumn Horton
Stacey Hunter
Ken Huus
Brian Jansen
Kathryn Karford
Sarah S. Keating
Sarah Kleeberger
Lee Ann Krapfl
Karen LaMalva
Ed Lang
Pamela Lee
Chelsea Legner
Michael Lofstead
Fred Longenecker
Patricia Maben
Thanda Maceo
R. Aaron Mahl, PhD
Mike Marston
Audrey Matson
Janice Miller
Stephanie Miller
Jessica Mireles
Anne Monroe
Rachel Monserrate
Simone Moran
Emily Morgan
John Mueller
Kim Myrick
Kate Nash
Minhaal Nathani
Cliff Neel
Mari K. Normyle
Leigh-Ann Nowicki
Janene Panfil
Joel Pendergrass
Chris Pesotski
Brandi Phillips
Mary Piccioli
Charles Ramos
Michael Ritter
Joshua Robertson
Joel Robinson
Jennifer Russ, CFRE
Lewis Sanborne
Stephanie Sanders
Roberto Santizo
Jim Scannell
Deb Schreiber
Scott Schwarzkopf
Vaughn Shinkus
Roscoe Smith
Carrie Spiegelhoff
Dawn Stever, CFRE
Doug Swartz
Nick Talley
Lucy Thompson
Renée Vaillancourt
Melanie Wade
Amy Weiss
Amy Weyant
Todd D. White
Ann Whitmer
Jennifer Wick
Sharon Wilkes
Todd Wilkins
Michael Williams
Kevin M. Wilson

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