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Ruffalo Noel Levitz has worked with our campus partners to assemble the following resource documents to assist you with sharing and analyzing your Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys. We encourage you to review the following examples and to implement similar approaches at your own institution. We also invite to share examples of what has worked for you so that we can share them with other clients. Contact Julie Bryant to share your PowerPoints, posters, worksheets, and Excel documents.





Excel Documents:

Blog Archive

Ruffalo Noel Levitz regularly post new content to our Blog. You are encouraged to subscribe to the Blog to receive updates when new articles have been posted. For your convenience, we have created this blog archive, organized by topic, for all blogs related to the satisfaction surveys, through June of 2014. This archive will be updated quarterly.

Using Satisfaction Data on Campus:

National Benchmarck Report Highlights – Traditional Students:

Non-Traditional Populations (Adults and Online Learners):

Serving students at private post-secondary schools (propriety institutions):

Contact Julie Bryant with any questions or comments on these resources.