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Build or expand your enrollment of adult learners

Are you interested in building or expanding your current adult learner enrollment,
or in launching new programs for adults, at the undergraduate or graduate level?

Whether you are working on adult learner recruitment, retention, or new program development, Ruffalo Noel Levitz offers consulting services, assessment tools, and research to help you increase your success with this growing and dynamic population. Our experienced consultants can help you assess, plan, and implement actions that meet your nontraditional enrollment goals.

What you receive when you work with us

  • A partner who works side-by-side with you to develop and grow your adult programs using on ground and online modalities
  • Data-informed consultation, with every decision based on the solid ground of research and data
  • Experienced consultation from academic leaders and enrollment management consultants who have successfully designed adult programs
  • Advanced technologies and assessment tools to gather and analyze data and track progress toward your goals

How can we help?

Our consultants are former and current academic affairs leaders and campus enrollment managers with extensive experience in all aspects of adult learner programming, including adult student services and retention, academic program design and development, organizational reporting structures and governance, curriculum design, faculty development, marketing and recruitment, financial aid, budgeting, and online program implementation.

Assessment tools and services for adult learners in higher education

Our assessments include, but are not limited to, the following:

Academic Program Demand Analysis

To assess the demand for specific adult programs. Learn more »

Adult Student Priorities Survey

For undergraduates and graduate students. Learn more »

Adult Learner Inventory

For undergraduates. Learn more »

Adult Learner Motivational Needs Survey

For incoming undergraduates. Learn more »

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Papers and reports on adult learner enrollment management

Strategy Roadmap Solutions

RNL Comprehensive Consulting for Student Recruitment, Retention, and Financial Aid
Make your enrollment efforts more effective and efficient—from awareness to financial aid awarding to graduation.

RNL Strategic Enrollment Planning
Ensure long-term enrollment success and fiscal health by aligning your institution’s fiscal, academic, co-curricular, and enrollment resources with its changing environment.

RNL Web Strategy and Interactive Marketing Services
Drive online engagement and build connections that produce great enrollment results.

RNL Market Research
Guide your enrollment decisions with solid research and data on academic demand, price sensitivity and cost, and other key areas.