RNL SMART Approach®

Qualify student names before you purchase them
Qualify your college student list purchases before you buy a single name with college student search analytics

Qualifying your lists of prospective students is a tough task. You purchase names, send out communications, and move students through the funnel, walking a tightrope trying to get the number and type of students your campus needs.

SMART (Strategic Market Analysis Research Team) Approach allows you to qualify your list purchases before you buy a single name. This advanced predictive modeling tool shows the enrollment probabilities of millions of student leads, prior to your list purchase—giving you a strategic advantage over traditional list purchases.

This cost-effective process can save you time and money, while also helping you uncover strong prospective student leads with incredible precision. 

"SMART Approach gave us the ability the think strategically about developing a long-term pipeline.  Instead of buying thousands of cold call names, we now can match characteristics and find students who behave like our students, and also rank them by their likelihood of enrollment."

Douglas Christiansen—Vice Provost for University Enrollment Affairs and Dean of Admission, Vanderbilt University (Tennessee)

Pinpoint your best leads and expand your markets

SMART Approach applies a Ruffalo Noel Levitz predictive model to a database with millions of records containing the postsecondary plans of high school students, allowing you to:

  • See the probability of enrollment for each individual student lead.
  • Streamline your list purchases and segment them by a wide range of variables—academic ability, geographic location, majors, and more.
  • Branch into new markets more easily and uncover new groups of high quality student leads.
  • Increase your enrollment yields by focusing on students who are the most likely to enroll and are the best fit for your institution.

Get greater enrollment yields from your name purchases

SMART Approach helps you populate your lists of search names with students who become higher quality leads. Instead of having to go through the task of qualifying prospective students from your list purchases, you can target the students you want at the very beginning of the recruitment process—and be confident that your efforts will result in a successful enrollment.

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