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Student Retention Services

Increase student persistence and college completion rates through consulting and assessment

In today's environment, there is increasing pressure to improve student retention and college completion rates. You can be ready to meet these demands with retention management consulting, assessment tools, analytics, and research from Ruffalo Noel Levitz.

College student retention consulting

What can you do to measurably increase student retention and college completion rates? Ruffalo Noel Levitz offers student retention consulting that relies on collaborative, data-informed strategies to engage the entire campus community in overcoming obstacles to college completion. You receive recommendations from someone who has experience working with campuses like yours. Learn more.

College student retention assessments and analytics

The best way to promote student retention is to eliminate problems before they start. Our retention assessment tools help you assess your students and intervene early:

Satisfaction-Priorities Assessments
Take the pulse of your campus by measuring the student satisfaction and priorities of students, campus personnel, and parents. Conduct surveys of traditional-age students, adult learners, online learners, and other groups.

Retention Management System Plus
Increase college completion rates through earlier, more focused interventions. Assess student motivation and receptivity with the College Student Inventory™, Mid-Year Student Assessment™, and the Second-Year Student Assessment™, and pinpoint additional risk indicators with our advanced analytics Student Retention Predictor™.

On-campus student retention analysis »

Invite one of our experienced consultants to your campus to conduct a customized evaluation of your retention efforts, including a collaborative planning session to act on the findings. Draw on our experience and expertise to:

  • Involve everyone on campus in a coordinated retention effort
  • Uncover meaningful data about your students that you can act on immediately
  • Identify factors that put students at risk of dropping out
  • Benchmark your outcomes and programs with those of similar institutions
  • Develop a data-informed retention action plan

We will collaborate with you, provide specific recommendations, and suggest next steps for immediate action. At your request, we can also help with strengthening accreditation efforts and with meeting requirements for performance-based funding.

To schedule a consultation, please call us at 800.876.1117. Or contact us by email and we will set up your on-campus retention analysis.

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