Interpretive Guides for Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys

How to review and use survey results

The General Interpretive Guide provides you with an overview on how to review and use the results from your administration of any of the Ruffalo Noel Levitz Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys. This guide walks you through reviewing each segment of the report and provides you with guidance on utilizing the results for data-driven decision making. Recommendations based on our experience working with hundreds of institutions are included to assist you with making the most effective use of your results.

  • General Interpretive Guide (PDF)
    Guide for all who have administered one or more of the Satisfaction-Priorities Surveys. Please also download the additional interpretive guide for the specific survey version(s) from the list below.

Email Julie Bryant of Ruffalo Noel Levitz with any questions on interpreting your results.

Survey sections

The survey sections provide you with details on the versions of the survey, the item structure, the description of the scales, reliability and validity, background on the inventory's development, and any specific guidance relevant for interpreting the specific survey.

Please select the section specific to the survey(s) you administered to download the appropriate PDF:

  • SSI Interpretive Guide section
    Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) for traditional undergraduate students at four-year and two-year institutions.
  • IPS Interpretive Guide section
    Institutional Priorities Survey (IPS) for campus personnel at four-year and two-year institutions. This survey is directly parallel to the SSI.
  • ASPS Interpretive Guide section
    Adult Student Priorities Survey (ASPS) for students 25 years of age and older, primarily at four-year institutions; the survey is appropriate for undergraduate and graduate level students.
  • ALI Interpretive Guide section
    Adult Learner Inventory (ALI) for students at adult-learning focused institutions; this survey was developed in cooperation with CAEL (the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning).
  • PSOL Interpretive Guide section
    Priorities Survey for Online Learners (PSOL) for students in distance learning programs, primarily over the Internet.
  • PSI Interpretive Guide section
    The Parent Satisfactioin Inventory (PSI) is for parents of currently enrolled students at four-year institutions.

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