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Enlisting crowdfunding in the fight against Ebola


Ebola dominated the news throughout much of 2014, impacting not only areas of West Africa, but also the United States. UCSF is one of the primary medical centers in the U.S. for Ebola research, and had already provided patient healthcare programs and care in Sierra Leone for several years. With Ebola being the top news story for several weeks that fall, the opportunity existed to better fund UCSF's clinicians and resources to treat and prevent the spread of the virus.


The University of California, San Francisco, a top university in the U.S. focused exclusively on health, began partnering with RNL for crowdfunding campaigns late in 2013. UCSF has been very active with nearly two dozen of those projects in the first 15 months. In addition to the ScaleFunder platform, the direct partnership with the primary clinician, Dr. Dan Kelly, for the Ebola support project paid significant dividends as he utilized the updates tab found on the ScaleFunder platform five times during the campaign period.


UCSF exceeded its initial Ebola response campaign goal by more than 41%, generating $141,190 from 514 donors. In addition, the campaign success included two realized matching gift challenges; significant social media exposure; heavy usage of the platform's update feature; and a leveraging of the opportunity to cultivate some newly-acquired donors for major gifts.

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Case study used with the permission of the University of California, San Francisco.

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