St. Edward's University (Texas)

St. Edward's University (Texas)


Sustain aggressive enrollment growth (set to double by 2010) while improving academic quality and protecting diversity; set tuition at a level that better reflects the perceived value of a St. Edward's education; and manage the discount rate.


Conducted national pricing research with Ruffalo Noel Levitz and synthesized the findings into pricing scenarios that were tested to help find the optimal tuition pricing strategy. Each scenario incorporated extensive financial aid research to identify the true impact of pricing decisions.


With the tools to make market-driven pricing decisions, St. Edward's increased prices for the last three years and still met its ambitious enrollment goals. The price is now better aligned with its key competitors and better reflects the university's value proposition.


"[Ruffalo Noel Levitz] gave us the data to establish new tuition pricing with confidence. It was very convenient to find a partner who could do sophisticated, national pricing research, and link it to our enrollment management strategy so effectively."

"We have moved to a more market-driven way of making pricing decisions that considers our competition, the market, and the perceived institutional value."

Paige Booth
Vice President of Marketing

Case study used with the permission of St. Edward's University.

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