Queens University of Charlotte (North Carolina)

Queens University of Charlotte (North Carolina)


Search for students who would be a better fit for the institution, students who had characteristics showing that they were not only more likely to enroll, but also succeed. Queens University of Charlotte also wanted to expand into new markets.


Queens purchased prospective student names that had been qualified by SMART Approach®. This allowed the university to not only see which prospective students were more likely to enroll, but to also select students based on the deep array of data from millions of records in the database.


Initial response to search to the SMART Approach population was more than double previous efforts.  The campus made adjustments to its communications with this group, adding elements that were found to influence enrollment, such as the university’s standing as a top-five school for study abroad and student interest in leadership programs. The campus also used the model scores and data variables to expand its reach into markets outside of its native North Carolina, enrolling students from targeted external markets.

In addition, the campus kept high-scoring prospects who did not respond to initial communications in its flow, sending this group slightly different communications but still treating them as inquiries. This approach led to more than 85 applications and 15 new students each of the last two years who otherwise would have been removed from the funnel.

Since implementing SMART Approach, Queens University of Charlotte has enrolled two of its largest three classes in its 150 year history.


“We want to attract and retain students and provide a transformational experience for those students. That will not happen if they are not a good fit for the campus. SMART Approach aligns with our institutional philosophy because students who are a better fit are more likely to succeed here.

“There is no question SMART Approach has been worth it. The ability to identify students who are already much more inclined to enjoy the Queens experience has been a great way to not only spend our resources more effectively but be better stewards of those resources. Because of the success we’ve had, we have made the SMART Approach names about 35-40 percent of our list purchase.” 

Dr. Brian Ralph
Vice President for Enrollment Management

Case study used with the permission of Queens University of Charlotte.

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