Oral Roberts University (Oklahoma)

Oral Roberts University (Oklahoma)


Oral Roberts University wanted to improve the quality of the first year of college for its freshman students. The university hoped to facilitate better outreach based on students' needs and improve student satisfaction and raise retention rates.


ORU has administered the Student Satisfaction Inventory from Ruffalo Noel Levitz since 2001 to understand the satisfaction level of its students and to understand what issues are important to them. To complement this data, the university administered additional inventories to identify first-year students' strengths and challenges as well as their receptivity to interventions during the first term. Additionally, ORU worked with Ruffalo Noel Levitz on a highly advanced statistical tool to reveal the probability of each of its incoming students persisting as well as individual risk-factors for each of them.


Using the survey and inventory tools has reinforced the value of one-on-one conversations with students by giving ORU staff data to guide meaningful dialogues with students. The report results are easy for students and staff to understand, simplifying the process of connecting students to the campus resources they need to succeed. The data and results have opened the faculty's eyes to the concerns of all students, even those considered academically prepared who would otherwise not receive additional attention and guidance. Collectively, the retention tools have helped ORU's retention rate improve. Most recently, fall-to-fall retention grew from 76.8 percent to 81.6 percent.


"[Ruffalo Noel Levitz] consultants don't come in with pre-conceived ideas and solutions—they listen for what's going on in the moment on your campus and base recommendations off of your goals and your data. Working with them on student surveys and assessments has been key to our success.

"[Ruffalo Noel Levitz] provides recommendations that are research-based, yet broad in approach to campus visions. They take into account people in departments all across campus, discovering goals, and developing ways to meet them."

Sheree King
Director of Student Success and Retention

Case study used with the permission of Oral Roberts University.

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