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Online Graduate Courses in Enrollment Management

Bay Path University LogoDesigned for working professionals, the graduate curriculum focuses on effective enrollment management, student recruitment and retention, marketing strategies, technology applications, and strategic enrollment planning. These courses are offered online through Bay Path University. There is no residency requirement.

Certificate in Enrollment Management Program (RNL Certification)

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The six-course RNL Certification program can be completed alone or in conjunction with the Bay Path Master of Science in Higher Education Administration concentration in Enrollment Management. Students can finish the certificate program in one year taking one course at a time. An accelerated eight month schedule is also available. All courses are taught by experts in enrollment management.

Six required online courses for the Enrollment Management certificate (18 credits)

  • Enrollment Management Principles and Practices (3 credits | MHE 627)
  • Higher Education Marketing and Communications (3 credits | MHE 645)
  • Financial Assistance in Higher Education (3 credits | MHE 656)
  • Technology Applications to Enrollment Management (3 credits | MHE 654)
  • Retention in Higher Education – (3 credits | MHE 652)
  • Strategic Planning for Enrollment Management (3 credits | MHE 658)

See the Bay Path website for course descriptions, admissions requirements, course schedules, and tuition and financial aid information.

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Master of Science in Higher Education Administration (MHEA) with a Concentration in Enrollment Management

Eight required + four elective courses (36 credits)
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 This 12-course master’s program can be completed in 20 to 24 months and can include RNL Certification. Students can complete the master’s program in 20 to 24 months while working full-time. Examples of courses include Enrollment Management Principles and Practices, Leading Change in Higher Education, The Contemporary College Student, Student Personnel Services, and Higher Education Marketing and Communications.

See the Bay Path website for a full list of courses, admissions requirements, course schedules, and tuition and financial aid information.

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Enrollment Options

  1. Enroll in the RNL Certificate alone. Candidate must be qualified to enroll in a Bay Path University graduate certificate program. The student will not be eligible to receive financial aid. The student will take the six RNL courses listed at the top of this page.
  2.  Enroll in the master’s program with a concentration in enrollment management and in the certificate program simultaneously. The student simply chooses the RNL courses as their electives. (Note that sequencing is important: there are two different “capstones” with prerequisites.)
  3. Enroll in the Bay Path Master of Science program with a concentration in enrollment management and choose not to pursue the certificate.

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The Art Institute of California-San Diego

“My success in the certificate program has led to me accepting a senior-level position in my field. I really believe this certificate helped give me an edge. I’m excited to be moving forward with the Ruffalo Noel Levitz credential!”

Justin R. Hernandez, MBA Bay Path University, Senior Director of Admissions, The Art Institute of California-San Diego
University of Michigan-Dearborn

“Due to my professional performance, which was largely influenced by the skills and knowledge gained in this program and the completion of the Ruffalo Noel Levitz Enrollment Management Certificate, I was promoted to assistant director of graduate studies.”

Kristen Sanchez, Bay Path University (2018), Assistant Director of in the Office of Graduate Studies, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Syracuse University

“Ruffalo Noel Levitz has an excellent reputation within the world of higher education. I know the knowledge I gained and used in my current position has helped me tremendously. I was promoted due in part to this degree program.”

Cynthia S. Roach, Bay Path University, Assistant Director Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Programs, Syracuse University


If you have questions, please email Janene Panfil of RNL or contact a Bay Path enrollment counselor at 800.782.PATH, ext. 1332.



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