RNL ONE Engagement Center

How much more can you achieve when you bridge your primary revenue streams – enrollment and fundraising – via a centralized on-campus communication hub?

Communication is at the core of both areas. Enrollment and Fundraising activities are primarily external-facing and involve cultivating relationships with people who are choosing to or have chosen to be connected to you. Students – and their families – select the institution for many reasons, and the very reasons they chose your school are often the same reasons they will choose to give back to it. The RNL ONE Engagement Center ties this together like never before:

Read a case study - 45.7 percent gain in enrollment, 105 percent gain in call center pledges 

No one can convey your institution’s story the way a student who is living it can. And no one can make sure that story makes an impact the way Ruffalo Noel Levitz will.

Our more than two decades in this industry and the millennium+ of experience amongst our staff mean that we are particularly adept at the multichannel, proactive, nimble, highly coordinated, and very nuanced approach demanded of your many constituents today.

You handle the strategy (and we’ll help you.) Rely on us to handle the rest: we live and breathe this.

Connect with the students you want to enrollEngage your alumni so they become lifelong donors

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