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To help educators stay on top of the many changes in higher education, Ruffalo Noel Levitz regularly conducts trend research and shares its findings widely, including with higher education media, through the following low-cost or no-cost information tools: (At this time, our reports focus on enrollment management and student success. We will be adding fundraising research in the future.)

Online listings of all new papers and research

Visit papers and research for a complete listing of our higher education research resources.

Quarterly e-polls on enrollment trends

We conduct three or four brief nationwide polls via e-mail each year to report on the latest outcomes, strategies, budgets, and planning practices in college and university enrollment management, often with separate findings for four-year and two-year, public and private institutions.
See our Benchmark Poll Report Series.

Annual surveys of high school students

We interview at least 1,000 college-bound high school juniors or seniors two or three times each year to report on their changing use of the latest electronic technologies, the types of information they are seeking, and other preferences and perceptions that relate to enrollment management.
See our E-Expectations Report Series and related reports.

Annual proprietary data reviews

We use a portion of our aggregated proprietary data to report on the changing attitudes and motivations of freshmen and second-year students, the changing priorities and satisfaction levels of currently enrolled students and parents, and the latest trends in higher education discounting.
See our papers and research

On-campus observations and campus research

In addition to the data collection mentioned above, our many campus-specific research projects and observations while consulting on campuses add substantially to our insights and understanding of current trends in the marketplace. For example, each year, the full-time and associates consultants in our enrollment management division meet regularly with the leaders of more than 300 colleges and universities to accomplish institutional goals for student recruitment, marketing, student retention, strategic enrollment planning, and strategic enrollment management. 

Visit our enrollment management blog for consultant insights
Visit our fundraising management blog for consultant insights

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