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Jennifer Wick

Jen Wick provides consulting on a wide range of enrollment management topics from pricing and financial aid strategies, retention initiatives, and recruitment planning to operations in student service offices. Jen previously served at Clarkson University, where for eleven years she held enrollment roles, nine of those years as director of new student financial assistance. Her experience encompasses both financial aid and admissions responsibilities, specializing in balancing financial aid strategies with enrollment targets and retention concerns. She has conducted enrollment data analysis, managed regional territories, and created successful financial aid strategies for targeted demographics. In addition, Jennifer has a keen interest in retention, including predictive model development to identify at-risk first-year students.

Jen is a regular contributor to University Business and speaks at national conferences such as annual meetings of NASFAA, ACT Enrollment Planners, ACPA, etc.

Jen earned a B.S. and M.S. in Physics, both from Clarkson University.

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