Katie Haystead

Associate Vice President

Katie HaysteadKatie Haystead consults with Ruffalo Noel Levitz fundraising management clients to design and implement seamless multichannel fundraising strategies. She has played a large role in the growth of the division by on-boarding new clients while creating effective strategies for current clients each year. She enjoys forming strong partnerships with her clients to ensure their goals are not only met but exceeded for years to come.

Ms. Haystead began her career in fundraising in as a student caller at Central Michigan University, a current CAMPUSCALL client. In 2010, Ms. Haystead accepted the role as Program Center Manager working on-campus with multiple institutions’ phonathon programs. In 2011, she took on additional roles in the Fundraising Management Division as PCM trainer and PCM mentor. Her work ethic and leadership among her peers was recognized when she was awarded the Embodiment Award for the division in January 2012.

After two years as a PCM, Ms. Haystead was promoted to Regional Manager of Fundraising Services in June 2012. In this role, she managed 10 programs in the Midwest, providing strategic oversight of phonathon campaigns. During this time, she also worked closely with two additional institutions by providing comprehensive consulting for their in-house operated calling programs.  

In July 2014, Katie was promoted to Senior Manager of Fundraising Services. Her responsibilities included managing a professional staff, long-range planning, high-level strategy and serving as the clients’ main contact for over 25 institutions. She also continued working with additional institutions by providing consultation for in-house calling operations until her recent promotion to Associate Vice President of Fundraising Management in January 2017.


Ms. Haystead holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Central Michigan University.

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