Jill E. Conlon

Senior Associate Consultant

Noel-Levitz consultant Jill Conlon

Offering 35 years of enrollment experience, Jill Conlon has been associated with Ruffalo Noel Levitz consulting services since 1997. Ms. Conlon consults with campus partners on recruitment strategy, market research, strategic communication planning, and program management to achieve the specific goals and requirements of client institutions nationwide.

During her years of consulting, Ms. Conlon has worked with a variety of institutions on enrollment planning as well as market research studies. Her expertise includes written communication audits and strategic communication planning. She has conducted marketing communication analyses through RNL’s marketing services division and co-instructed "Targeted Communications in Enrollment Management" in the Enrollment Management in Higher Education program through the University of Florida. Ms. Conlon has consulted with a wide range of institutions including private, public, HBCUs, international, and those in transition from two-year to four-year and upper-division to four-year status.

Ms. Conlon served as associate vice president for enrollment management at Canisius College (NY) where she supervised admissions and financial aid and led a taskforce on integrated marketing. Earlier in her career, she served as director and associate dean of admissions at SUNY-Geneseo (NY) and as acting director of undergraduate admissions at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Ms. Conlon's success is marked by careful research, planning, evaluation, and reporting through each phase of the recruitment cycle. 


Ms. Conlon holds an MS from the Rochester Institute of Technology (NY). 

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